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How Erie Products Solve Common Homeowner Complaints

Erie Construction ComplaintsWondering how products from Erie Construction are so successful at resolving the complaints homeowners have about their residences? The answer is simple – we offer products that are focused on three main benefits: improving energy efficiency, being maintenance free, and adding value to the home.

One of the most common complaints homeowners have about their home has to do with thermal performance. Whether the solution lies in installing ENERGY STAR® certified windows that are custom manufactured, enhancing attic insulation with radiant barrier protection, replacing old, worn-out house siding, or performing another service, Erie Construction can help homeowners reduce heat transfer in their home and save money on utility bills.

Other homeowner complaints stem from poor product quality. Complaints about costly repairs, unsightly appearance, and burdensome upkeep can also be eliminated by having Erie Construction install premium products. Consider our windows, for example. Erie Advantage Windows have durable vinyl frames that won’t split or rot like wood frames, or dent and rust like some metal frames. Maintenance-free products save homeowners money on repairs and replacements, and they also preserve their attractive appearance without the need for constant care.

Homeowners often have complaints about the value of their homes when the time comes to sell, and they may be looking for easy home improvements that can increase their homes’ resale value. At Erie Construction, we offer a wide range of improvements that can add to the value of a home, such as updating a bathroom or kitchen, or simply installing a beautiful new entry door – especially since the products are energy efficient and maintenance free. Plus, Erie offers no-nonsense, limited lifetime warranties that are fully transferable to the future homebuyer.

Call Erie Construction today, and find out how we can provide custom solutions for your personal home complaints.

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